a word from our sponsors

Since I am in Charleston for three weeks, I really want to experience the city and meet new people. I’ve been trying to support all the local businesses, many of whom are also supporting me. Besides my favorite source for treats, the oft-mentioned Sugar Bakeshop, I have been getting a nice coffee fix from Kudu. and after getting my coffee I realized that the Redux street team has been working overtime. It’s so weird to go into random places and see my cards everywhere.Kudu is on the way back to the studio from my trips to Artist & Craftsman Supply, an art supply store within walking distance. They have a great selection of cool stuff for art geeks.I also have to mention Hot Wheels Skating Center. During one of my visits, they offered up a special new addition to the Redux classroom. (more info coming in a few days!)And I really want to thank PPG Porter Paints! They have generously donated a wonderful selection of colors for everything I’m creating for this show. The outdoor mural alone has taken about 8 gallons of paint. The colors are so delicious, I have to remind myself that eating paint is bad.

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3 Responses to a word from our sponsors

    • April says:

      It’s a sideways carrot with a butt on it. It means I love this blog because I love these places. Thank you and good night. 🙂

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