circle of life

A quick recap of…

After several days of building up layers, I realized that the rainbow sherbet wall was never going to work. In fact, it was quite awful. Sometimes you have to let go of things that just don’t work, no matter how hard you try.

But just when you let go of the old, something wonderful and new comes into your life. Redux and Novelty have adopted a new permanent addition, thanks to the generosity of Art, the owner of Hot Wheels. Transportation services provided by Luke Vehorn.

It was a sunny day. For some reason, we heard a lot of car accidents happening around us on the highway.

How big is this behemoth? It’s Redux-intern-sized!

Karen Ann Myers discovered an alternate universe in the ball. She hasn’t been the same since.

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One Response to circle of life

  1. S.T.C says:

    True… Sometimes you do have to let go. Easier said than done, though.

    The colors are magnificent. To me, it’s not sherbet, or candy. Those are… Options.
    The pink is the ‘what if’. What if I could grab a person’s wrist as they walk away from me, and make their world merge into mine for a moment, so they can see things that I can’t possibly describe in words, but I know if they knew, they would not walk away.
    Then they don’t.

    The orange is the flaming pain of reality, when you realize that the ‘what if’ is way too pink to be true. Hard to breathe, hard to function, hard to move. You wait and you wait, and with every day that goes by you realize nothing is going to happen. And you’ve already committed to letting go, so you know you must let THEM go, even if you can’t let go, yourself.
    What’s even worse if that you know they have so many other things on their minds, including their own frustrations, and hopes and pink stuff, and you are not even at the bottom of that list.

    The green is the cool breeze you’re realistically waiting for, when you do let go. Not GREAT, not pink, but livable, shaded, nice.
    I have five dollars in my pocket. Not enough to buy the pink stuff, but it will get me a nice cup of Starbucks.

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