This mural in the Redux classroom is ready for the lights turned low, the disco ball spinning and the DJ’s rocking.  This repeated image features a Lowcountry High Roller in blue raspberry and grape.

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3 Responses to fini.

  1. S.T.C says:

    At first glance, my pattern- seeking brain got agitated: Why put all this effort to drawing a portrait that only shows the skater’s midsection??
    Colors are great, lines are the typical, soft Cory Oberndorfer style, but Back Stabath’s head was left entirely out of the picture.
    Then, my solution- thirsty mind came up with an answer: The portrait as it is has everything it needs to have. If to compare your work to a quote by Robin Yo Life (founder of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls), you pretty much painted the essence of roller derby:
    “I don’t care what the girl looks like, on roller skates she looks hot”.

    Furthermore, the painting accounts for gravity, force, and motion. As long as these are present, anyone can figure out the details to suit his or her taste.

    I suppose for anyone who has never experienced the whole roller derby scene, it would be merely impossible, not to mention arrogant , to say they know what it’s about. But to the humbled opinion of this specific beholder, a major chunk of it is made of three crucial components: roller skates, fishnet stockings, and energy up the… skirt.

  2. Robin’s pretty much got it. A good number of the skaters I paint, you can’t distinguish facial characteristics or jersey info. They become icons to represent the essence of a rollergirl. The generalization of the figure leads the viewer to focus more on the abstracted forms and motion of the lines. And in this case it just happens to be the posterior.

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