Opening night was a blast! Everything was kicked off with a skating parade along King Street, led by the Lowcountry High Rollers who came dressed in candy-inspired outfits. Then it was back to the gallery for candy, dancing and artwork.

Charleston City Paper has a quick recap and video from the event.

More pics will be posted later, but here’s a few to tease…

lollipop garden

pixie stix skirt


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One Response to Finally!

  1. S.T.C says:

    This is phenomenal!! The lollipops with the twirling lights on them look like a window to Alice in Wonderland.

    It just seems so overwhelming, when you start with blank, white walls to vision a final product that looks like this. I think that as the artist I would be quite intimidated by this project, especially if I had a time limit. I mean… What if you messed up a wall completely, and there were no time to fix it, and the disco ball never showed up? Or, what if you finished it and it didn’t turn out exactly like the images you had in your head? Then everybody would see something that isn’t even what you meant.

    I’m impressed, and envy. Well done.

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