night at the (children’s) museum

One of my Redux studio mates was Jennifer Van Winkle, the artist-in-residence at the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry. I stopped by the museum last night to see the progress of her project TREEscape. I can’t wait to see the final product!

Of course, while I was there I took the opportunity to run amok in an empty children’s museum!

pirate ship/shrimpin' boat

if there's one thing kids like, it's plastic asparagus!

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3 Responses to night at the (children’s) museum

  1. S.T.C says:

    This is SO cool!!! (Cory blends right in, by the way).
    When I worked at the Suzanne Dellal Dance Theater in Israel, Inbal Pinto (a brilliant artist, and nice person to work with) had a production called “Shaker”, completely delusional. Anyhow, for the performances the stage got covered in these white flakes of whatever it was, which was meant to look like snow. It wasn’t that deep (you had to be able to see the dancers), but it was soft and you could, like, dive into it. After closing, we all started rolling in it, with our uniforms and everything. t’was a blast, of the many benefits of working in that sort of place (besides the chance to personally interact with wackjobs… ehr, I mean stars <3).

  2. jennywalton says:

    This last photo is just wrong. That duck will never be the same.

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